54 thoughts on “About me

      1. Always good to use Apple products. I love my iPhone 4 and my iPad 2 and my MacBook Pro….

      2. Oh my, you made had me at the words “shameless apple fan!” I too am a S.A.F. and would never turn to any other gadget if that pretty bitten apple wasn’t on it. πŸ˜€

  1. Hey bro,

    I have been enjoying your blog immensely. Your photography and writing style inspire me.
    For this reason, I am nominating you for the Liebster Blog Award. The award is given to a blog with less than 200 followers that deserves a little more recognition. There are a few simple rules that go along with the award. They are as follows as passed on to me:

    1. Give a shout out to the blogger who nominated you by linking back to their blog.
    2. Nominate 5 other blogs with less than 200 followers.
    3. Spread the good blog karma.
    Lastly, don’t forget to add the Liebster blog award image to your post.


  2. You. Are. Awesome.

    I’m stalking your home page and I just love the pics. I knew it was taken using an iPhone. Instagr.am right? Beautiful pics. Your writing is compelling too. I’m glad I checked your page out.


    1. Wow,you just made my cheeks go bright red Ms Jishi! πŸ™‚

      I am using the Hipstamatic app mostly, but I have an Instagram account as well (it is amazing!).

      Enjoy reading your posts too (Loved the Tuesday Playlist! :))

      Thank you for the comment!

  3. Love that you take all your photos with your Iphone. There’s something about the Hipstamatics and Instagrams that are so magical. Lovely captures! I will be visiting again πŸ™‚

  4. Hi there,

    Just so you know you’re my choice for the 7×7 link award. Check out my post tomorrow, you’ll be linked in there. Love your feel.

    ps: I wasn’t sure what the “award” was when I got it, but it should be explained well in tomorrows post.


  5. I’m here for the first time, and I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon you, merely because you stumbled upon me, earlier. Your writing is so exquisitely in-the-moment. You know – like when someone pings a crystal glass while washing dishes in a silent kitchen. I love it! What a wonderful Valentine!

  6. move the ocean, the entire eastern portion of the u.s. and i guess the western chunk of the u.k. so we can live next door: i want to be your friend! amazing writing, gorgeous photographs, and such searing honesty…wow.

  7. Your blog is absolutely amazing! I love London and I love the way you’re portraying this wonderful city. Not to mention the photographs. Hope to see more from you!

  8. Hello, thanks for stopping by my blog . You gave me the opportunity to discover yours. I really enjoy reading your blog and your writing is so good and delicious… Unfortunately my English is not good enough to comment as I would like (I’m French, nobody is perfect !!!) but I highly appreciate your post. Have a wonderful week, and if you don’t mind I send you my hugs ^_^

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I was thrilled to read yours.
    I lived in London for 3 months in early 2011. I miss so many things about it. I think I haunted the Victoria and Albert museum the most.

  10. Thank you for dropping by my blog πŸ˜‰ You’re so lucky to live in London; living in Malta has made me realise how much I miss the vibrant and fun places that bigger cities like Sofia and Madrid have to offer. But size does not matter (when it comes to cities), it’s what you make of your time in them which counts. I hope I enjoy my stay in Malta for the next few months, and your visits every now and then, as I shall try to drop by. Oh and of course, enjoy your time in London! All the best!

  11. Hey, absolutely love your blog! I am also into exploring London and taking photos on my IPhone! Your blog inspires me to get out and about more as going out on your own can sometimes feel daunting but it is so rewarding and there’s so much to see in London! πŸ™‚

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