A Year’s ReCap

I am sitting in the Starbucks at Soho; my Eggnog latte is getting cold as I am contemplating how to start this roundup of 2016 and if I should get a second muffin or not.

As I make my way to get that second piece of festive deliciousness, I decide to start from the beginning.

This year I got a new job and it is very, very demanding – of my time, my energy and eventually my emotional resources. I enjoy every minute I work there as it challenges me and makes me get better every day – it allows me to understand boundaries more.

It also helped me when my heart was breaking earlier in the year. It distracted me before it broke, took my mind of it when it was shattered and carried me when I was licking my wounds.

That breakup cost me dearly. It slapped the rose tinted glasses off my face and made me look at men in the most realistic way possible. I loved and I wasn’t loved back – at least not the way I wanted or deserved. This is a story as old as time; in this version of the story, the guy kept shattering my heart after breaking it with wanting to be friends; I allowed him to because I liked him. Eventually, I understood what was happening and I stopped it. Having his cake and eating it. I explained it to him and then stopped talking to him. When he came back to London, I didn’t see him. When his friends talked crap about him to me on random nights out, I didn’t listen. When he unfriended me on Facebook, I didn’t react. I don’t think he intended to hurt me, but his behaviour did. I am not blameless in this and I recognise my faults. I don’t blame him for breaking my heart. I just recognise his role in my heart being broken.

I moved on. I traveled a lot. Twelve countries in one year. I made new friends, cemented old friendships and rekindled family connections. I lost contact with people that mattered as my work has been so full-on, however reconnecting with them is a goal for 2017.

I also met someone. A man that is special. Someone that picked the rose-tinted glasses from the floor, cleaned them and put them back on. He kissed my bruises and showed me with actions, not just words, who he is. I will write about him in a separate post, but he is one of the reasons 2016 has been so special.

I know 2016 has a bad rep. Still, it is another year. In every year, good things happen, bad things happen. There is laughter in between crying and tears in between happy moments.

The question is, where do you focus? I choose to focus on the good moments and to be grateful they are there in between the sad ones. I choose to be optimistic about 2017 and to believe that I will do everything I can to make it special for myself and the people I love, and if I can, for everyone too.

Thank you for reading my ramblings and for taking the time to visit this collection of coffee-stained stories. It means a lot to me and I want to thank you from the bottom of my Greek heart.

May you and your loved ones have a lovely new year.



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