stax dinner chicken and waffles London Dinner kingly court carnaby street

Stax Diner: London’s best Chicken & Waffle

Okay. I should probably keep this is a secret because if it gets out and people flood it then I won’t be able to find a table, but damn it, it is too yummy to keep to myself.
Last week I went for a Sunday catch up with friends. They suggested the Stax Diner in Kingly Court, I said ok, and we made our way there. The weirdest sounding item on the menu was the Chicken and Waffles (an American food staple that sounds terribly gross, I know), so of course I decided to go for it. We caught up until the dishes came, I bored everyone with my complicated love life and then the dishes came.
Seriously. It was delicious. Like, seriously delicious. The other two people that got it was well had the same stunned silence-eyes wide open look I had, the one where you realised you just discovered something seriously good.
If you are around I would definitely suggest trying it out. If you are not, get on the tube and go, it is worth it.



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