Marina and the Diamonds at the Roundhouse




The lights go down, the music starts, my heart starts pounding; the next two hours are filled with moments of pure, raw, unfiltered emotion dressed in a fruit flavoured pop coating.
I have been following Marina since her first album; I remember sitting in my room, inspecting the folds of my duvet under the warm orange light of my bedside lamp and listening to Obsessions, feeling a sense of wonder at how someone could encapsulate exactly how I felt – the insecurity, the ambition, the flaws that end up being your biggest attributes.
Radioactive was the precursor of her second album, a follow up that was conceived under the persona of Electra Heart. The album was more pop and divided her existing fans, yet earned her new ones – that came armed with hearts on their cheeks.
Her third album, Froot, is a mesh of the first two keeping the pop thread but enlacing it with her distinct musical style. Happy is a song that I cannot hear without a tear escaping, every time for a different reason.
So, when I saw that she was performing at the Roundhouse I booked two tickets, took a friend and made my way there. She did not disappoint. It was her last performance for this tour and she gave everything – at some point she became emotional as she thanked the audience. It was a beautiful moment and I felt privileged to have experienced it.
If you don’t know her music I would strongly suggest clearing your afternoon, putting your headphones on and giving her a go. Here are a few tracks to start you.


From the Family Jewels

From Electra Heart

From Froot

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