The Graffitis of Shoreditch: Lost in Colour

The day was grey and cold. I was on the bus, listening to Velcro by Clairity, lost deep in thought of how the week was unfolding, not paying much attention to the ride, the world outside of the window, or the world outside of my head for that matter.

Then, a flash of colour appeared and it demanded my attention. A wall, a long wall, full of colour and shapes and life seemed to break the greyness and inject vibrancy to the unsuspecting people that walked past it.

I got off and decided to trail the drawings. I walked down the streets of Shoreditch like an archaeologist that discovers the markings of a civilisation and wondered what it meant for the people that inhabited this space.

I stood in front of a design of Aphrodite. Fellow Greek. My thoughts came in the here and now, in the beauty of discovery and the fleeting nature of the moment.

I think I will go for a coffee.

The week can wait.




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