Artisan Chocolate Goes Controversial: Mast Brothers in Shoreditch

The Mast Brothers Chocolate Shop is how I would imagine Charlie and the Chocolate Factory if it was directed by Wes Anderson. Muted colours, sleek interiors, yet the promise of delicious artisan chocolate hidden seductively behind beautifully packaged bars.

There have been recent allegations about the authenticity of their ‘bean to bar’ origins (the Mast brothers pride themselves of producing the best chocolate in the world, a claim that is obviously subjective) that proved to be true and resulted in a public statement (yet not an apology); there is a debate on whether it is reasonable to charge as much for a bar of chocolate (however, without really saying it is, people similarly pay more for artisan coffee and handcrafted clothes).

Still, with all this it is hard to argue that their stores, displays, marketing and design is not done flawlessly. The Shoreditch Mast Brothers Chocolate Makers store is reminiscent of a gallery and truly elevates the bars into a statement instead of just something you put down your gob in front of the TV.

Did I love it? I have to say that when it comes to artisan chocolate I prefer Amelia Rope, as her palette is so much closer to my taste buds. However I still enjoyed my Olive Oil Chocolate Bar and hot chocolate drink.

If you are around it is worth a look.




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