Burger Hunter: Saying Oui to the Big Fernand in London

As you might have noticed I like burgers. A lot. From the Five Guys controversy to having tried almost the entire menu from GBK – I have a penchant for a well cooked burger.
So, I discovered a burger place that I am sure will not remain low key for long. The Big Fernand is a French burger house that takes the art of burger making very, very seriously without the self importance that usually comes with that task.
A fortunate turn of events brought me and am to this place. We were out, starving and it started raining. We passed by, said what the heck and walked in. Boy, am I glad we did.
The team there is super friendly and explain the options in a fun and engaging way. The order process is easy, the environment great, and as we sat down we both felt excited.
The big Fernand burgers came.
They were seriously delicious. The meat was well cooked, tender and moist and seasoned to groan-inducing perfection. The buns were beautifully soft and the sauces were mouthwatering.
We had chips on the side and a cheeky glass of wine. After a stunned silence that was only filled with munching noises we caught up on the week and tried to make plans for the rest of the month. We both agreed that they should include another visit to this place. I suggest you visit it too- it is worth it!




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