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Feels Like Home: The Real Greek at Southbank

I needed this. My belly is full, my mouth smiling and my spirits are much higher than an hour ago. This is what Greek food does. It makes you happy.
The day started slow and grey. I woke up, lounged in the living room with a cup of lukewarm rose tea and listened to Marina and the Diamonds. It was a pity party for one and it was going marvelous.
S called me and suggested we meet E. I reluctantly accepted, got up in slow motion, and after a lazy shower I was dressed and out of the flat. I met them at Southbank and they knew my mood the moment they laid eyes on me. They looked at each other. ‘Greek food’, they said in unison.
From the moment we were greeted from our waitress my spirits started lifting. They say that people exhibit signs of improving simply by stepping in a hospital – the Real Greek in Southbank seemed to have that effect on me.
We ordered two of Tonia’s Filoxenia combos. We talked about the week that passed, the week that is coming, our jobs, our boyfriends or lack of them and by the end of the meal we were laughing hysterically. I felt so much better.
In the end I ordered the Greek Filo Custard Pie, which turned out to be a Bougatsa with icecream. I cannot explain how delicious it was. Drop everything you are doing and go have one – and when you do, get one for me please. It is impossible to feel bad when dessert tastes that good.
We went for a walk after. My belly was heavier but my heart was lighter. I thanked both my friends, gave them a big hug and felt grateful; really, really grateful.




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