The Lines of Art: Traveling with A Body by Dimitris Alithinos

The moment I landed in Athens I started thinking how I would spend half an hour in the airport. My dad was picking me up and he is, without fail, late every time. It is a trait I have picked from him and is exacerbated by my Greek identity (my friends differentiate between time and Greek time).

So, as I walked out of the gates I got a text saying ‘I am running late, 5 minutes“. I smiled, readjusted my bag and decided to go to the food court for my first taste of home delicacies. However, something caught the corner of my eye. It looked as if it was a line of flesh, curves making mountains and skin crafting valleys. I stopped. Turned around. Looked closer.
The work is called Traveling with a Body/a> and is created by Dimitris Alithinos, a Greek photographer and artist. It combines close ups from portraits of women from around the world to create a seamless continuation of each other, a line that transcends geographic boundaries.
The work in theory is great, however something made me feel uncomfortable. Apparently these are all women that the artist met in his travels and some of the portraits seem very intimate. There was something awfully vulnerable and raw in these pictures, a nudity that denotes intimacy and is stripped away when it is put in the context of a human art centipede.
I debated whether I should write about it but the debate alone told me I had to. I took pictures, looked at the shots closer and thought of the women that were lying on these beds, in impoverished countries, naked. A common thread runs between them. Their feminine identity? Their bodies? Cameras can capture more than flesh, even if that is all we see sometimes.



greek airport art (1)greek airport art (3)greek airport art (4)

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