The Magnificent Something in Time Out Winter Guide: My Top 5 Things To Do in Winter

Have you had that feeling of giddy anticipation from the very first second of opening your eyes in the morning? I usually reserve this for Christmas (because, well, presents) but this was different. It was the day my suggestions for winter would be printed in Time Out among other fellow bloggers. This meant I was up, in the shower, dressed and on my way to the tube (and thus my copy) in record time.

I found a seat in the carriage and eagerly opened my winter issue and dag in. I took my time and then reached the feature.

As here I have a bit more space to expand, here are my top 5 winter moments:

  1. To begin with, one of my favourite winter catch up spots is the 6th level of Tate Modern – they serve surprisingly good mulled wine and the view is amazing; the perfect winter warmer combination!
  2. On a weekend the Southbank Winter Market is a well-known crowd magnet; however it is worth braving the masses and find the stand with the Baileys hot drinks – opt for the Bailey’s Latte or the Bailey’s chocolate and you will be merry in no time!
  3. Winter is the time to be merry and gay, so I never miss the pantomime productions at Above the Stag (Tinderbella from the 26th of November-16 January) and the brilliant London Gay Men Chorus’s performances (The Big Gay Swing on the 11th and 12th of December).
  4. When the cold hits I get my competitive streak on and swap bored brains with board games (see what I did there?)! I meet friends at Draughts café for a 500 of the best board games, perfect for a cold afternoon – the loser buys the coffees!
  5. Finally, winter is the season of comfort eating and naughty treats. When I am looking for a guilt free bite that won’t make me curse my gluttonous appetite when spring is back I go to Romeo’s Sugar Free Bakery and catch up with friends over a brownie (or two!).


The article also included suggestions (that I am definitely trying) from Dan CalladinePaula Holmes, Catherine and Gavin Hanly, Danielle De Wolfe, Natalie De Luca, Samantha Baines, Jean Smith, Jude Brosnan, Kristabel Plummer, Matt Hickman, Pete and Leo Williamson, Lucy McGuire, Manolis Zografakis, Chris Osburn, Faya Nilsson, Kerstin Rodgers, Robert Lordan, Meg and Issy, Jules Pearson, Rosie Llewellyn and Andreas Kambanis.

You can read the full feature here.

Now, I have a full list of winter recommendation – better crack on!




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