Kalimera Kitchen

Greeks and Greek food lovers rejoice- I just discovered a secret gem in London soil that will knock your culinary socks off.
Coming in a super stylish food truck, Kalimera Kitchen (Kalimera = good morning/day in Greek) it is a collection of elevated Greek flavours, marrying the traditional recipes with updated modern additions.
Expect moussaka and pastitsio (two Greek cuisine staples that resemble a meat and mushroom ragu respectively) and proper souvlaki on a whole meal pitta with either chicken or lamb. I have to be honest. I had both. And then I had them again.
The chicken souvlaki is mouth-wateringly good, marinated to perfection.
As far as I gather they visit different food markets in different days but I will make sure to check their website and Facebook page to make sure I get that chicken souvlaki again (and tell myself it is ok because it is protein…)

I heartily recommend it. Tell me your thoughts if you try it.




3 thoughts on “Kalimera Kitchen

      1. We live in the Akrotiri area, near Chania. There are a couple of good ones in town and a couple in our area but that’s about it. No one seems to be able to cook a good moussaka. The best we’ve had (and it was sublime) was for supper with some Greek friends! But the good ones near us aren’t open in the winter, of course.

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