Shrek Adventure London Review Dreamworks Merlin

I’m a Believer: The Shrektacular Shrek London Adventure

I am on a bus. The bus is flying. We occasionally hit a random storm so I feel the rain spray my face while next to me Po from Kung Fu Panda is riding a giant fire cracker. We crash land in a swamp and as I get out, Cinderella is waiting at the end of the path.
This could have well been a very strange dream, but sometimes real life proves to be much weirder. I am at the Shrek Adventure London in Southbank and my inner child is having a blast.
From being greeted by the most energetic man in recent memory (he was seriously one of the most entertaining and in-character performers I have ever seen), to singing ‘I’m a Believer‘ with a group of adults under the supervision of Princess Fiona, I can definitely say that this was a night to remember.
If you have kids (or are still a kid at heart, or both), I would definitely suggest giving it a go. If you are worried about a Shrek overload as I was, worry not as the experience involves other Dreamworks characters with hugely entertaining results.
So, I will get moving now. No magic bus, but I believe in miracles! Have a shrektacular day!



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