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Souvlaki Hunter: From Athens to India and back

For a Greek that lives abroad one of the strongest trigger words is Souvlaki. This little wrapped piece of heaven is a small culinary universe housed in soft pitta and populated by vegetables, potatoes and meat. It is the most popular street food in Greece and the root of many debates (should it have potatoes inside? Is it an Athenian Souvlaki or is it a Thesaloniko Soulvaki -one without pitta? It is better with gyros or a skewer? Sauce or tzatziki?)
So, in my recent trip I continued my quest to find good souvlaki. Last time I suggested the Big Bad Wolf, Haintari and Pites tou Nteni.
This time around I went for these options:

Arahova, Halandri.
The service is fast, efficient and friendly. Their chips are cut in a circular shape and sprinkled with oregano and salt and their Souvlaki is generously portioned. They were good, but didn’t blow me away – if I were around I would have them again, not sure I would make a trip for them though.


Obelistirio ton Filon, Pikermi
I actually made a trip for these ones and I think it was worth it. Located out of Athens, in Pikermi, it is a car ride and a half but I was assured that the chips alone were worth it. I ordered chips, two chicken skewers and a Soulvaki and was not disappointed. The chips were covered in sauce and cheese and were quite good (yet a bit filling), the Souvlaki was good, however I was genuinely impressed by the chicken skewers, as they were not cubed as usual; instead they came as fillet slices, and they were succulent and perfectly cooked – definitely worth the gas for the journey.


Pittes Tis Georgias, Alimos
Another one that came highly recommended and after trying it I can definitely understand why. The pitta was soft, the chicken was moist and tender, and everything came in perfect harmony in bites that made you want to moan with joy. It should definitely be in your to-try list.


Mirch, Monastiraki
Now that one is a wild card – someone I met last summer said it is the best Souvlaki he has ever tried and after finding out that it is an Indian Souvlaki I wondered if that was a form of blasphemy. I did not have time to try it then, so I was determined to try it this time; boy, am I glad I did!
The portions are family sized and the price is beyond reasonable – it actually feels like a steal! The filling is mouthwatering, combining the tika spices with perfectly cooked chicken and beautifully spiced vegetables. The service was great, the flavours amazing and the experience one that I would definitely recommend without second thought.

Make sure you give them a go when you are in Greece and let me know your thoughts. Also, feel free to suggest new places – I am always on the lookout for a good bite when I visit!




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