Marilyn, Louboutins and Sex: Daniel Sachon Exhibition at Londonnewcastle

Age is irrelevanttalent inhabits souls, not bodies; the age on your birth certificate is not pertinent, it is your experience of the world and your ability to depict it in a different medium that makes the creator an artist.

I am saying this because people keeps focusing on the fact that photographer Daniel Sachon is ‘only 19‘; even though I understand at this is used as a measure of showing how what he has produced in such a young age is impressive, it also risks overshadowing the fact that he is truly talented, not despite, but because he is so young.

With work done for Models1 and Select Models, as well as being published at Papercut, Fiasco and Slang, he has a variety of skills that are more than apparent when you step in Disruptive Innovation, his first solo exhibition.

His first show in Londonnewcastle Project Space in Shoreditch, it showcases the female form, consumerism, pop culture, sexuality, sexualisation and violence – a thread linking all of them in each picture.

It was a truly interesting show that surpassed its photographic boundaries with showcasing the items used in the pictures as found objects in the space.

I am really looking forward to seeing what he will produce in the future.




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