Rendang: the King of Curries at Banana Tree

Who knew you can fit so many flavours in one dish? Every bite from my Rendang (a slow cooked dry & fragrant beef curry dish from the Minangkabau Hill Tribe of Indonesia) reveals a new layer and I am starting to understand why this is one of the most celebrated Banana Tree dishes.
I remember having the same reaction when I tried the Aubergine Half With Aromatic Caramel Sauce– this kind of culinary revelation that takes you completely by surprise and makes you wonder how it took you so long to discover.
S is sitting across from me and has ordered the Phad Thai – it is also delicious. We spent the first part of our dinner munching on prawn crackers, aubergine and Dried Pulled Beef With Aromatic Herbs & Peanuts so when the mains came we were beginning to get full. This did not stop us from savouring every mouthful of truly delicious food.
I am definitely going back soon – it will be a difficult visit though as it will be impossible to choose between trying the char grilled meat or getting the Rendang again. The dilemmas of a foodie!


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