Falling in love with the Duck Breast Dish at Busaba

I don’t often get food envy; I pride myself of always picking the best meal from a menu and intact most of my friends ask me what I will have before they order as they trust my taste. However as I was sitting opposite my date at Busaba, I could not help but feel a tinge of jealousy as his duck plate arrived. ‘Next time I am here I am totally getting this‘ I thought to myself.
A week after that date I met with S and his partner and after a couple of drinks we decided to go grab a bite. As we were in Shoreditch we decided to pop in Busaba when a flash of recognition went through my salivary glands. ‘I know exactly what I am having’ I exclaimed as my two fellow diners looked at me with a detached sense of apathy.
We ordered the calamari for the table and I got the duck with the sweet potato fries on the side. Needless to say that is was delicious. The duck was succulent, cooked to perfection in the red hot Josper oven and accompanied with a sauce that matched it perfectly and the sweet potato fries found the perfect partner in the dipping sauce they were served with.
We caught up with the guys on my adventures of singledom, their blossoming relationship and everything in between and then I decided to walk back to burn the calories from my new favourite dish.
I guess you learn things from dates, no matter how they go. From a new dish option to something you did not know about yourself or from a new venue to realising things are not as straightforward as they seem, there is always a new takeaway at each date’s menu.



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