Burger Hunter Second Chance: Another 5 Guys

So my previous Five Guys post caused outrage to a few friends. How could you not like it? They said looking at me like I just drop-kicked a puppy. So, I decided it was time for a second chance.
I went there with a devoted fan and let him order for me. I sat down (I still find the environment a bit clinical) and I remembered my love affair with the soda machine. He came with the burgers – the moment of truth was nigh.
Now I have to be honest – it was better than I remembered. I still don’t think it was the best burger I’ve ever had, but I am holding it in higher esteem than before. I had the bacon cheeseburger with lettuce, onion, mayo and barbecue sauce and it was quite nice. The chips were good and the portion was generous. The soda machine was the best as always with a huge array of decaf choices that made me happy inside (I did not stop until my whole stomach was coke-coloured).
So, I am warming up to it. Not a ‘Five Guys’ critic anymore.
Now, should we go to GBK for a kiwiburger?




3 thoughts on “Burger Hunter Second Chance: Another 5 Guys

  1. whereas my other half is crazy about five guys, I just like it. Like the concept and like the burger but I won’t say it’s the best one. Funny enough I was shocked to discover that our UK version of Five Guys is better than the one in US. How about that? I love the spicy fries though

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