Start – End – Reflect

And it is ended as quietly as it started. With a meeting and a walk and a lunch and a chat and a few tears and a feeling of emptiness that was as sad as it was liberating.
He is a very special man, and it was painful. We didn’t give each other what we each needed. I couldn’t.
I still have feelings for him, and it would be absurd to say that I don’t. But I don’t want to let that stop me from moving forward and being friends. I strangely like having him in my life and I am happy to have him as a friend. It will take some effort to do that, but I am willing to try.
I understand why this didn’t work and this understanding makes things so much simpler. I am aware I am only human and that I need to process these feelings and that it will take some time; but I can give my time to doing that. I can give my time to listen to my feelings and try to be as kind to myself as I am to others.
So, onwards and upwards (I will fill you in later about that).




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