Running on air

You know the point where you are confused about being confused? Where your heart is full and your head is full and you feel so full and so empty at the same time?
I met someone; and I am so scared. What if I get hurt again?
I feel like I cannot trust him – not because of something he has done but because last time was so painful. That part of me that is broken hearted is fighting mercilessly to not get hurt again, it screams that I cannot trust another guy again, that I should guard myself, that I should not go down that path; you cannot get hurt again G.

Then I get a text from him and I cannot stop myself from smiling. I see him and I feel happy. He touches me and I lose my train of thought. I am like a cartoon character that has already jumped off the edge and is running on the spot before realising I am falling. I am falling for him.

The right man can try to break your fall; the wrong man can try to break your spirit.

For now I am floating on air, the edge far behind me, the ground far below me, the future far ahead of me; and me, right here, running on air. Let’s do this.




3 thoughts on “Running on air

  1. This post brought back some memories of when I went through the same confused emotions a few years ago. Hope it goes well for you ☺

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