Secret Gem: Fasoli Restaurant in Argiroupoli

You know these moments that feel like a culinary revelation? Like time slows down and the flavours in your mouth take you on a journey that you wish won’t end? Well, that was how I felt when I had a meal at Fasoli in Argiroupoli, Athens.
I was not aware of it, and to be honest I am not sure it is that well-known, making it a truly secret gem. We went there by referral and upon our arrival we were handed menus (handwritten in the classic Greek school notebooks) that made us all drool with anticipation.
As the food arrived I felt hungrier and hungrier – the portions were great, it was just so delicious that you could not stop. Presenting a fresh take on classic Greek recipes, I loved the corn flake covered saganaki, sun-dried tomato covered baked feta, mouth-watering chicken with crocus from Kozani and dendrolivanon and soffito with pork fillets, garlic, vinegar and mushrooms.
The treat in the end was Greek yoghurt with carrot marmalade (delicious) and a fruit plate (the figs were my favourite).
I could not sing higher praises – if you are in the area it is worth the taxi ride. Just don’t send me a picture – food envy can get real!




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