Souvlaki Hunter: 3 places to try in Athens

My love for Souvlaki is well-known and documented. Some might consider it a culinary weakness or a cultural hubris that I would rather grab a quick Souvlaki instead of sitting down for a square meal, but you have to remember that after many years away from the comfort of home tastes, this Greek pitta wrapped deliciousness is a form of luxury for me.
So, it should come as no surprise that during my trip to Athens I went overboard on my Souvlaki consumption. Cheap, quick and oh so tasty, it is definitely the easiest way to fill up or even better, rebalance from alcohol on a night out (this was a consistent occurrence)…
So while I was in Athens I visited three Souvlaki places that were noteworthy:
The Big Bad Wolf: this is where I always go when I am in Pagrati with my father. A charming modern shop no bigger than a match box, in a street corner with space to sit outside, it does excellent Souvlaki and really good fries. For me it is a must-visit every time I go back, as the late night catchup with my father as almost as good as the ice-cold coke and chicken skewer souvlaki with sauce.
Haintari: a restaurant with Souvlaki and flavours influenced by Politiki kitchen recipes, it brings a fusion of tastes on the table. It is definitely worth a try, and the Haintari dip with Politiki pita in the beginning is just delicious.
Pites Tou Nteni: a favourite in the past, I was not blown away this time. It was good, yet not great. The reason why I am including it in this roundup though is the tiganopsomo they have (bread with a layer of cheese in the middle) that awakened childhood memories and was truly delicious. The souvlaki was ok, but not as special as the two above.
Now I am back in London and even though I am glad to be back, I would love a quick souvlaki. Maybe this should give me an extra boost to discover more Greek restaurant here! Challenge accepted…





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