Movie Under The stars: Open Air Cinema in Athens

The smell of jasmine in the night air travels through the city streets and covers everything with a summer cloak.
Going to an open air cinema is a tradition I cherish and take great pleasure from.
First, a meal in a traditional taverna; my choice? Ladokola. Ladokola is Greek for parchment paper, and it is the way the food arrives to the table. No plates and fancy smancy china- just a humble piece of paper thick enough to hold an assortment of delicious flavours.
The meats are always on point – pork fillets are seriously mouth-watering, but if you are there you cannot leave without trying the aubergine with tomato and cheese (it. is. so. good).
Then down for a walk as the sky gets darker and a cheeky ice cream from a traditional zaharoplasteio (sweet shop) like Deliolanis. I went for the Mastiha and Mellon flavours and I felt as if a thousand summer memories were hiding on each bite.
Then, walk down to Laura, a gem of a cinema. I went twice this summer: once with my dad to see Relatos salvajes (it was neither good nor bad to be honest) and with him and his partner (who I happen to consider true family and love very much) to see An Irrational Man (very Woody Allen – a dichotomy between interesting and banal).
Then the film is over. Get in the car, windows down, the warm air coming in, the lights of the city reflecting in the mirrors, the moment too precious and beautiful to not live fully.




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