Suvlaki: discovering Greek flavours in the heart of Soho

I discovered a small vortex to Greece in the middle of Soho. It is called Suvlaki and it is a white and blue oasis of Greek tastes.
I heard about it from E so when I met S the next day and we felt hunger creeping in, I suggested we made our way there. Hidden in the heart of Soho, it is a pocket sized Greek capsule: authentic souvlaki (finding an original Greek souvlaki pitta in London makes you feel like you stumbled on the Sorcerer’s stone), baked feta, Greek chips and Loux lemonade. LOUX. LEMONADE. I mean come on!
The restaurant is a labour of love from a group of Greek friends that wanted to bring the flavours of Athens in the busy Soho district. The menu was crafted under the supervision of Greek TV chef Elias Mamalakis, a cult culinary figure that has an appetite as big as his belly and the personality to match it – he looks like someone who enjoys good food so you can trust him when he tells you that something tastes delicious.
We ordered the exuberance menu and a few minutes later our table was a feast for homesick eyes. The food was great, some tastes were adjusted for the British palette but not in a way that was inauthentic or off-putting.
Our meal might have resembled the ‘When Harry Met Sally‘ scene because I caught myself moaning a few times. The team there was amazing as well, with everyone exhibiting the famous Greek hospitality in its best.
We payed, said our goodbyes to the Suvlaki team and made our way out feeling uplifted and refreshed. Until next time 🙂




14 thoughts on “Suvlaki: discovering Greek flavours in the heart of Soho

  1. Firstly thank you for being the first person to like my blog post (the Jack Garratt one). I only properly set up my blog yesterday, so I’ve just had to do a little dance with excitement that someone found me : )

    And secondly thank you for sharing this place. I’m obsessed with Greek food and have been looking for somewhere authentic to go. Looks like I’ve found it. You have a lovely blog, definitely something to aspire to.

  2. Looks so good! There’s a great newish Greek spot in San Francisco called Souvla that looks like it has a similar feel that I love. You’ll have to try it if you’re ever in town.

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