Burger Hunter: The Byron Burger at Farrington

I am having a lot of burgers lately. I never considered myself to be a burger lover but I am slowly turning into a convertit has still not replaced my adoration for pizza, but it is creeping up.
After my Five Guys experience I am more and more interested in finding a good burger that is worth the hype.
Now, having friends with food allergies and being a newbie into healthier eating, I want a burger joint to fulfill all these needs. I also want he option of a double patty. I was recently called greedy for that. I don’t care. I like two patties in my burger.
I met E at the Byron’s near Farrington. The team there is friendly from the first hello to the last second you spend in the restaurant. We sat down, mulled over the menu (I noticed they did not have gluten free buns, so no point of bringing S here).
Unfortunately they did not have sweet potato fries on their menu but instead offered courgette fries. I ordered a double patty Byron (a delicious sounding combination of beef meat with dry cure bacon and mature Cheddar with a shredded iceberg, tomato, red onion salad perfectly brought together with Byron sauce). I also ordered the courgette fries and a glass of red wine.
Now, the courgette fries were really disappointing, as they were oily and underseasoned – I only had a couple and left the rest. However the Byron burger did not disappoint. Juicy, tender and flavoursome, it was definitely worth ordering. E enjoyed her burger as well as we caught up on the week, feeling the stress of the day melt away somewhere in between laughing hysterically about our student years and spending 30 minutes trying to establish if someone I remembered as being part of our social circle existed or was made up, as E could not remember him. This resulted in the loudest scream of recognition (I jumped from my chair and so did many other people in the near distance) when E remembered him.
We said our goodbyes and I walked home content with a full belly. Definitely coming back again.



7 thoughts on “Burger Hunter: The Byron Burger at Farrington

  1. A silver German food truck in Portobello Market, have a really delicious “spicy chicken” burger. If you like burger, I definitely recommend that food truck :-), anyway nice blog content πŸ˜‰

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