Happiness is: Latitude Festival

I am meditating in the middle of a forest as the light dances through the tree branches. I can feel the sun on my face, and when I open my eyes I see the world through my rose tinted heart-shaped glasses. I feel at peace.
This was a recurring feeling during my weekend at Latitude.
I went there with K and we both needed a break; K from a hectic work life and I, well, from a broken heart.
We were really lucky in many ways. As we were trying to put our tent together two God-sent Latitude volunteers helped us set it up (we could not have done it without them, trust me). The weather was consistently amazing with a sun that made everything glisten and shine in the most glorious way. We managed to get in shows we were sure we couldn’t and we randomly discovered artists we did not know we would love. We met people that were fun, ate food that was delicious (albeit very, very naughty) and laughed so hard that left no space for the stress that preciously filled us.
We danced to Django Django‘s First Light, took our crown off for Years and Years‘s King, LOLed at the hilarious inappropriateness of Rob Delaney and were intrigued by the feminist discourse of Katherine Ryan, were inspired by Ruby Wax‘s Sane New World and blown away from Le Gateau Chocolat and Johny Woo transforming West End musical numbers into beautiful performances.
On the bus back to London I felt genuinely blessed for this experience. I remembered the goosebumps I got as I looked across the crowds us ring the performances, all of us sharing the same experience, all of us with our problems, stress, happiness, sadness, feelings and thoughts, all of us connected in this moment.
I definitely recommend it for 2016. In fact, I will see you there.





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