Tapas and Vino at the London MasQMenos in Soho

I first encountered MasQMenos when I was at Barcelona. After a day of walking in very high temperatures in very uncomfortable shoes, the sight of this tapas restaurant was a balsam for sore eyes (and feet). I remember loving their plates, especially the cold cuts and the cheese selection. We went there again before we left, and the second time was just as good, if not better than the first one.
So, I met K to talk about everything that has happened with F*. The breakup was still quite painful so the moment I saw her I burst out in tears. We hugged for a long time in the middle of the very crowded Picadilly Circus and then made our way to the big Tesco. We stocked up on alcohol, made our way to Soho Square, and sat and talked about it, going in the same circles I had been going in my head.
After a while, we decided we were both peckish and got up to get some food. We walked down towards Soho and after a very indecisive 10 minutes we passed from MasQMenos. The sight of it cheered me up and we walked in, took a seat at the back, ordered tapas and wine, and spent the next hour talking about what had happened.
The food was good (not as good as I remembered it but my lack of appetite and broken heart might have played with my taste buds) and the prices were considerably more expensive than its Spanish counterpart. However it was still a lovely backdrop for a heartfelt discussion, and a nice reminder of a beautiful holiday memory.
We walked out and I reminded myself to breathe. We said goodbye and I decided to walk home. I walked in front of stores fronts, next to couples, over bridges and under a very bright moon. The world surrounds me even if he is not next to me. It will be ok. I will be ok.




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