Happiness is: quiet support and ice creams

My team at work have seen that something has changed. I am a bit quieter, my eyes are quite puffy, and I am oscillating between stern determination and staring out of the window.
I don’t like sharing my pain and this moment in time is really painful. Even though I try, people always understand. I had a mid day meeting, and when I went back, the team had bought sweets and left them on my desk. This touched me beyond words. They knew I did not want to talk about it, so they did what they could to show that they cared. Later on we decided to have ice creams (break ups are so calorific), and after a while I did not feel as sad. I felt supported. Even though we did not discuss it with the team, there was an implicit understanding that ‘we know you hurt and don’t want to discuss it, but we are here for you‘.
People will surprise you, and do things that will touch you deeply. I urge you to do something if you see someone hurting; you don’t know how much it will brighten their day.




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