Birthday cake for breakfast

It was S’s birthday yesterday. He turned 30 (or as an ex colleague called it, entered his flirty thirties).
Now, S is not an easy person to organise a birthday bash for. He is gluten and milk intolerant, so an off the shelf cake is impossible. If you factor in that most bakeries require a lot of notice and we are Greeks (this means, we leave everything until the very last minute), I was in a bit of a pickle.
Thankfully, I discovered the wonderful world of Romeo’s, the gluten free bakery in Islington that makes a mean vegan chocolate cake.
So, I ordered one, got the necessary supplies (candles, a 30th Birthday badge, a birthday balloon, and a pink fluffy ‘Birthday Princess ‘ tiara that he had to wear for the whole evening), and made my way to Holborn to meet him and E with her partner.
We had dinner at the chicken shop, then went to a pub for drinks, and then went out for a few more.
So, now I am sitting in my pjs, a bit hangover, with a giant mug of milk, and an equally giant slice of birthday cake (As it is gluten and dairy free, I feel as if I am eating something really healthy; so, I will have another slice).




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