The GBK Kiwiburger

So, I experienced something wonderful today, and I knew I had to share it with you. I went with S to the gym (no, that was not the wonderful part, that was the punishing, why on earth am I doing this to myself part), so after we were starving, and ready for some post gym refuel.
We decided to walk home, so as we passed from GBK, hunger took over and we decided to go in. I decided to get a kiwiburger with a side of sweet potato chips, and a glass of elderflower and strawberry fizz.
The sweet potato chips were great. The drink was refreshing. The burger though was where it all came together. Beet root met fried egg on a bed of mature cheddar, lying next to pineapple, house mayo and salad, all on top of a juicy beef patty. It was good; no, it was amazing; no, it was melt in your mouth, why did I not know this before, all the flavours that you would not expect to go together do and they are awesome kind of moment.
So, I took the obligatory Instagram snap and dug in. Yum.




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