Keeping back while moving forward

I sat down today to write about the last few dates I have been on with F*. I like him. I really, really like him. We have a similar sense of humour, he is dangerously handsome, and when I look into his beautiful blue eyes I can see a heart that is worth exploring.
I don’t want to say more on the dates though. This is becoming real for me, and it terrifies me, and it makes me happy in a way that begs the question: if it has this power over you, how sad will you get if it is over?
So, I will explore it. If I get sad, I’ll get sad. I will try to move cautiously, but I understand that I am like a swimmer in the ocean, thinking I can be careful when in reality my swim mostly depends on the current of the sea.
Deep breath; and dive.



*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.


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