A Constant Change

I have fallen a little bit out of love with Costa lately. It is the first time in 5 months that I am in one, and that was because I could not brave the Oxford Circus Starbucks queues or the three chairs and a table they call their ‘sitting area’.
So I am in the Costa next to the Urban Outfitters store, sitting on the long table facing the door. I took my drink on a takeaway cup (an old habit, I don’t know why), and my bag is on the floor next to me. I remember all the times I would sit on the same spot (this branch is close to the place I used to work a few years ago), writing on the same iPad, listening to the same familiar noises of espresso machines, ice crushers, milk containers banging on the wooden surface and beeping noises indicating that something, somewhere was ready.
Chris Isaac‘s ‘Wicked Game‘ is playing, and I take a moment to slow down my breathing. I travel through time, through this spot, this chair, this body, this iPad, this person that was worrying about the present that is now the past, this person that is worrying about the present that eventually will become the past, spending the now hoping for tomorrow, fearing tomorrow, daydreaming, tracing absentmindedly the Costa letters on the takeaway hand with his fingers, being content where he is.
It is ok to move on. It is ok to change. It is ok to not be the best version of yourself until you do.



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