The Athenian Grocery: a wormhole to Greece

Even though my iPhone says I am still in London, I feel I just landed in Greece. I am in the Athenian Grocery near Qeensway, and I feel this surge of happiness colliding with a homesickness I did not even know I was harbouring.
I look around the shelves, and see all the products I love: Lacta chocolate, Ion Amigdalou, Loux lemonade, good feta cheese, Caprice Papadopoulou, and all the things I grew up with. Apparently the store stocks seasonal products as well, so if you are ever on the lookout for tsoureki in the Easter, this is the place!
I buy Greek honey, chocolate, and cheese, and walk out with the biggest grin. A slice of Greece, a taste of home, all in a small corner shop, on a counter top, items that are greater than the sum of their ingredients.




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