Mulled Wine & Giggles

I have the giggles. I am in the middle of the Tate Modern Bar, on my third mulled wine (that might explain it), and I am laughing so hard tears are streaming down my cheeks.
I am here with E, and she is in a state of infinite Lols too. I love this moment in time so much. Because even though we spent the last two hours talking about my recent heartache, general changes, life choices, and everything in between, we always have these moments that take us out of the everyday and remind us how it is to just be in danger of peeing your pants with laughter.
We spent a few seconds catching our breath, and then looked out of the window. It gets dark earlier now, but tonight I don’t mind it. It makes London shine brighter, the Christmas market in front of Tate more magical, and this evening truly heartwarming.

I hope you are all having a lovely December, and that you are finding time for your loved ones and yourself. Now, I can hear my 4rth glass calling me šŸ™‚





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