I’m Learning

I’m learning. I have been walking on this earth for nearly 30 years, my footsteps circling its circumference a few times, my smiles beaming sun rays, my tears forming vast oceans, my face a map of emotions, thoughts, feelings, fears and desires.
I’m learning. I never said I know everything, I sometimes claimed I know something, I’ve somehow learned when it is time to say nothing.
I’m learning. I am trying not to judge and not fear being judged, I make mistakes and try to make up for them, I am far from perfect, I am far from home, I am far in the distance and close in the picture.
I’m learning. I am growing up. I still feel like a child in a grown up world, in a world I feel I don’t fit in, a world that I am sometimes not strong, or hard, or thick skinned enough.
I am learning. And still, I feel I don’t know enough. I am learning though. I am trying. I will not stop. I will not stop learning.




4 thoughts on “I’m Learning

  1. The learning process never goes away. That’s why we’re here. And I’m glad you’re not judging yourself for if your actions, words are driven by pure intent, that is all that is necessary. Hang in there and experience as much as you can. That is the only way to grow. Namaste.

  2. I really appreciate this and can relate to this. It is well put, and I like the positive tone. Trying, learning, growing, fighting… this is what we all have to do to survive. I’m over here doing it all hour by hour.

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