I was walking down a brick path. The rain was falling down hard, and it could have made anyone question whether going out for a lunch break is the best idea under such torrential weather conditions; but I didn’t question it. My peacoat was zipped and my scarf was wrapped tight around my neck. My right hand was in my pocket, my left was holding my olive-coloured umbrella. I had my earphones on, but I was not listening to music. I was just walking down the brick path listening to the drum of the rain on my umbrella.
I took my iPhone out and put Wonder by Josh Record on. I inhaled so deeply it felt like it was never going to end, like I was claiming all the oxygen I had not breathed in the past few weeks. I closed my eyes for a second and did not open them again until I felt my shoulders relax. I looked ahead, and the brick path continued. I felt content. I felt like I was in that moment, every part of me, every thought, cell, fear and hope was in that moment and it was that moment that made it so magnificent.
I smiled, made a mental note to write this down when I have the chance, and to share my magnificent moment with you, and now as I write and relive it, I feel the same tingling feeling of peace crawling over me.
And so, I keep walking.



mindfulness london walk moments (3) mindfulness london walk moments (1) mindfulness london walk moments (2)


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