Heart Shaped Holes

I like the idea of walking mindfully; taking in the surroundings, the sounds of the street, the details that get exposed with every step. Each second is a different view, a slightly altered aspect of what you thought you saw a second ago.
For some people this happens naturally. They are blessed with a sense of wonder thar drowns the stress and anxiety of the day, and just take it all in. For others this is a learned skill, something that they practice consciously.
I tend to veer towards the later group, mostly because the noise from the stress and worries and daily life is the soundtrack of most of my walks. There are days though that I consciously turn the volume down, and try and practice a mindful walk.
There are other times though, and they are possibly one of life’s greatest delights, that something lovely happens, and breaks through the everyday noise like an overpowering calming silence; like a piercing ray of light.
Today was one of these days. I was walking home, going through my to do list for tomorrow and stressing over the things I included and the things I forgot, my eyes set on the ground, when something caught my eye. I saw a heart-shaped hole on the pavement, taking me by total surprise. I am sure I have walked by this spot a lot of times, and I am certain this is not a recent addition to the street. It is so simple , and so beautiful, that it makes me stop and smile.
I look around, and I see everyone walking in a hurry to go home, passing by this little heart-shaped hole and missing it. I wonder how many heart-shaped holes are missing in each and every person on the street, and the gaps that we neglect to fill while we are ticking things off to do lists.




3 thoughts on “Heart Shaped Holes

  1. What a beautiful story and how very insightful of you. I am sure I am missing many heart shaped holes in my life. I’ll try to slow down too…and turn down the volume on my own soundtrack. (I like that!0

  2. Oh, if we can only allow ourselves to get out of our heads and experience what is around us! What a perfect example you have given of what can happen. So much beauty reaching out to touch us, in even the simplest form of a heart shaped hole. I’m so glad that you stopped to look at it. It is amazing what we miss every day. May you find more treasures in your life as you learn to be mindful of every step. I’m inspired!! 😉

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