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Getting Lost in The Designers Makers Christmas Market

I am surrounded by talent; palpable, tangible, extremely desirable and dangerously shoppable talent. I look around, and I feel like a shopping spree is imminent.
For me Christmas shopping was over by the begining of December (I know, how organised, right?), so even though I was in the Designers/Makers Christmas Market at Southbank, I was not on the lookout for Christmas gifts; I was browsing for one-off unique items, crafted by over 50 of the UK’s youngest, brightest, and best designers.
I fell in love with Deborah Ballinger‘s delicate illustrations, Love Bessie‘s vibrant designs, and Dare to Doodle‘s endearing quirkiness. I stopped at the stall Terri Leahy and Naomi Ryder shared, marveled at the brilliant lights from Richard Yorke Design, found a gift for an owl obsessed friend from Oh What Lovely and took my time to browse the Lovely JOJO’s, Eightbear, Custom Made and World of moose.
However the pièce de résistance was the Garudio Studiage Christmas Bizarre Grotto, with palm trees from Christmas trees, pugs and monkeys in glittery Santa hats, a lucky dip skip, a wall with drawings of the guests’ worst Christmas dinners and so many things I wanted to buy (and eventually did, hearing an audible sigh from my wallet).
I headed out of the market, grabbed a Baileys hot chocolate from the Christmas Stalls at Southbank and found a seat at a bench for some people-watching. I put The Smiths on my iPod, and got lost in the moment.



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