A piece of cake?

I baked a cake today. It had Oreos, Twix, Galaxy and Reese’s cups in. The recipe said that I should keep it in for 20-25 minutes, so when an hour passed and it did not set, I began to wonder whether I should worry about the fate of my cake. You see, apart from the 20-25 minute rule, the recipe did not include the Oreos; or Twix; or Galaxy; and definitely warned people off from sticking peanut butter in, so I guess the Reese’s cups I stuffed in were a no-no too.

You see, I have always been a recipe kind of guy. My cooking books are filled with stains, as I hold them on my right hand while the left is doing the cooking, eyes darting between letters and ingredients. Leave me without instructions in a kitchen, and you will find me in the same spot an hour later.
So, sitting here, looking at my rather wet mix in the oven, I felt a sense of pride. If this was a failure, it was my own. If it was a success, it was my own. It was my cake. My totally imperfect, flawed, and ridiculously moreish looking cake. This was not the work of a baker; most likely, the work of a baker’s child. If Paul Hollywood passed from it, he would not give it a second glance (I would like to imagine that Mary would at least try it, and give me a sympathetic look). But I am not in the Bake-Off. And this is not a competition –life is not a competition. If all you end up with is perfection and blue ribbons, where do you keep your memories?

The cake came out of the oven 1hour and 15 minutes later greeted by a fit of incontrollable belly-laughter, and it smelled delicious. We let it cool down, and then divided it to muffin-like pieces. Two glasses of milk and three pieces later, I am glad to say it is perfect, in the most imperfect way.







3 thoughts on “A piece of cake?

  1. Well done, you! The description of the cake sounds like a dream. The naughtiest yet most covetted cake, from my point of view. With Oreo, Twix, Galaxy & Reese mixed in? It’s just insanely wonderful. Please carry on experimenting. You are GREAT! (^-^)

  2. I made a cake like this long back.. I found is somewhere and it was called a three layered oreo, fudge, brownie cake.. when it came out of the oven it looked exactly like your instagrammed version.. even my instagram pic looked the same. Even though the freak in me knows the horrendous amount of calories in each bite.. it was well worth it.

    P.s- I had mine with milk too.. couldn’t gush it down any other way! I think its time to try to re-bake it and maybe this time with dark chocolate and Lindt! 🙂

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