One Hundred

I’ve spent the day peeking at the rain through the window, dancing to Kimya Dawson, using an umbrella as a ukulele and wearing different coloured socks, drinking rose tea, eating a slice of banana cake, then another, and then a bite before putting it back in the fridge. I turned on the TV and put it on mute, put on Emiliana Torrini, danced a bit more, swapped the umbrella for an invisible microphone, and sang on top of my lungs about big jumps. I landed on the green chair in the corner of the room, and stood there for a minute or two.
This is my 100th post. 100 magnificent somethings that I shared with you, 100 steps towards… well, I don’t know where we are heading; and just between us, it was never about that. It is about the journey. It is about a quest to find something, something that will add to a collection of somethings, a magnificent something. The search is still on.
Thank you for sticking with me. Now it is time for some more invisible microphone-living room dancing (and banana cake).




7 thoughts on “One Hundred

  1. Congratulations on your 100th post! I wrote my 100th yesterday. It does give one a sense of accomplishment, though I agree with the concept that toward what is a bit vague. Keep up the great writing!

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