full stop

I woke up, got up, had a bowl of Corn Flakes with Banana Milk, washed the bowl, had a shower, towel dried my hair, wore a flannel shirt, underwear, shorts, socks, trainers, grabbed my wallet, took my keys, opened the door, closed it from the other side, locked the lock, went down the stairs, out of the building, out of the pathway, into the street, into the sun, left foot then right then repeat, look ahead, take a picture, then another, and another, take one every 5 minutes, take a picture when the subject appears, when the subject disappears, when the subject is in the frame or when it is out of it, when the subject is in front of the lens or behind it, take a picture of the world as I see it this morning, as my lens sees it this morning, uninterrupted, for my 15 minute walk to the park, for the 900 seconds it took me to walk to the entrance, and then some more until I reach the bench, sit down, take my phone out, write this post, attach the pictures, press the button on the touchscreen, make the button change shape and shade, make this thought an action, this action a post, this post a part of my blog, this blog a part of my life, my life in words and pictures and HTML code and comments and likes and thumbs up and words and letters and exclamation points and all this with the button that does not exist on the touchscreen that responds to the warmth of my finger, and as I will press it, I will look for the change, this change,



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