Red and Grey

The girl next to me smells of sea and sand. I close my eyes and take a deep breath in. The sun warms my eyelids, and I find that my lips are forming a smile. I had to take a difficult decision today, and I just did.

I walk in a straight line in Southbank, from the National Theatre to Tate Modern. As I pass from the OXO Tower, I slow down. Red petals push through a frosted window, scarlet against grey, warm against cold. It is so beautiful, but no one seems to notice it; I go closer; touch it. It is a warm day, but the window is cool.

There are moments that force you in a dilemma. There is no right or wrong decision. It is what you make with the decision you take. I will follow a dream, chase it until I run out of breath and then some more. I will try my hardest, do my best, and give my all.

Keeping my fingers crossed, and loving you all for being here,



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