Made of Brick

Today I walked in a straight line; from A to B. I dotted the i, crossed the t, went for a run and stood still. I drank a light ginger beer out of a can, and a bitter latte out of a glass. I walked with my hands in my pockets. I looked left; then right; then crossed the street.
I am now in a coffee shop, standing next to a row of 6 portraits. We heard the same CD twice, and the songs sounded different the second time around.

I don’t know it yet, but I will spend my afternoon walking in Brick Lane. I will be stopping every 5 minutes to take a picture of something on a wall, or of someone taking a picture of something on a wall. I will feel the sun on my face, the breeze passing through my fingers as I try to grab it. I am holding a sigh that I will shed as I move around the sidewalk. The air in Brick Lane is electric, the oxygen somehow different; a creative hub, the remnants of the weekend’s mayhem alive throughout the week. Fashion, food, art & music, an intoxicating Mecca for the now and the then. I will walk and find myself smiling. I will take my iPhone out, put The Best of Morissey on, and explore until the sun goes to sleep and the black London sky fills my heart with calmness.

For now, I am unwrapping my complimentary biscuit, and look out of the window. People walk, ride, drive, speed up and slow down, think of the day they had and the day they will have tomorrow, talk on the phone, type on their touchscreens, inhale and exhale and periodically look around with purpose, the goal to move from A to B; to dot the i and cross the t; to catch up with the earth as it revolves under and around them.

And I wander.











8 thoughts on “Made of Brick

  1. Another masterpiece! I could have sworn I was walking down Brick Lane with you. Those photos are fantastic!

  2. This was a nice walk with you….
    Thank you for taking us/me!
    Take Care..

  3. Aah brick lane and the memories it brings back! Thanks G for the walk down memory lane. Hoep you’re enjoying the English summer regardless of the rainy bits 🙂 Kit.x

  4. Hey, I want that complimentary biscuit too!:-) Great photos. What the City you are walking through? I need to take a walk through New York for some Graffiti Hunting:-). Love you photos! Very inspiring!

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