The Wonderfully Weird PropStore in Southbank

I am not a big fan of people stopping in the middle of the street to do something. You walk behind them, and then all of a sudden they stop; they got a text, a sudden thought, or a doubt about their direction. And you, unsuspecting, almost walk into them, having to manoeuvre your way out of the obstacle that is their presence, tutting away and mumbling how inconsiderate people are. And I have to admit that right now, I am aware of how many people are tutting and mumbling how inconsiderate I am, as I could not help but stop on my tracks, in the middle of a busy walk, to take a closer look at what stands in front of me.

You see, every year, the National Theatre‘s court transforms into the most amazing grass covered patio. Oversized grass sofas and chairs and a giant lamp are welcoming the wondering crowd, and are providing sanctuary to the Southbank visitors.

I was genuinely delighted to see that the chairs and lamp were out, covered in grass, along with the rest of the courtyard. No surprise there. But it was a few minutes after I kept on walking, that I stopped on my tracks. The reason? The PropStore.
The PropStore is a pop up cafe/bar created from (q) stage sets from past National Theatre productions, and filled with the quirkiest, coolest and all-round amazing stage props. The result is absolutely delightful, creating the feeling of a strangely familiar setting, that can be the perfect backdrop for any real life drama or comedy that is going on in your day.
The menu includes mouth watering street food, meantime draught beer, sip smith spirits, English wines, and some of the yummiest cocktails that you’ll try this summer.
I went for a beetroot falafel with spicy raita, and a Elderflower Colin‘s cocktail, found a quiet corner next to the 1D door, and opened my modern fairytales book.

I sat down, and felt that I was on the middle of a stage; life should be the main show, not just a dress rehearsal.








12 thoughts on “The Wonderfully Weird PropStore in Southbank

  1. Agree with your comment about people not suddenly in the street. Nearly tumbled over a parent and kid today at Westfield, Stratford. who stopped suddenly to examine a new toy which his father just gave. Also people standing in front of entrances and exits drives me insane.

    Still curious about the concept of “pop-up” things in general. Are they a novelty of these times or will the concept last?

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