3 sugar cubes and a silver spoon

I am staring at a glass; to its left, three sugar cubes and a silver spoon: to its right, a biscuit wrapped in silver foil; inside it, a frothy latte, getting colder by the minute.
I have been sitting in this coffee shop for about twenty minutes, and I’ve spent most of it staring at my glass. My mind is numb; my limbs feel numb too.

The past few weeks have been challenging; a lot of things stormed into the foreground, sweeping with them the illusion of normality I sometimes find reassuring. Life seems to happen when you least expect it, like a steady beat in the background music of a coffee shop, where you find yourself staring at a glass. Vaguely aware of the songs, noticing the silence in between tracks, retrieving memories, connected with the notes that make up the songs. I love this beat. I genuinely appreciate life, and I realise that with the good, you have to take the bad as well.

I take one of the sugar cubes and hold it between my thumb and index fingers; bring it closer to my face, equal distance between my eyes and mouth. I extend my hand and throw it in the glass.
Finding the magnificent something in life is a conscious decision; a necessity. I do not forget why I started this journey, even when times get demanding.

You can see sunshine, even with teary eyes.




12 thoughts on “3 sugar cubes and a silver spoon

  1. I have been trawling through the numerous unimportant emails to find notiification of your blog and have been dismayed not to find one. Today’s notification came almost as a sign . Keep determined and focused as you say the easy journey passes quickly and we often forget the path that took us there.

  2. there really is a ‘magnificent something’ in life, not every day necessarily but it is there and if you don’t find it, hopefully it will find you!!

  3. “I genuinely appreciate life, and I realise that with the good, you have to take the bad as well.”

    Thanks for the reminder of this simple to realize yet hard to live out truth! I pray that whatever is shaking your world at the moment passes soon!

  4. That was lovely and touching. Though I have no idea what prompted it, I didn’t need to. I understood and found my way to where you were to share a kindred moment. Bless you.

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