First London Snow

I am sitting on my couch under a mountain of blankets with a family-sized mug of ginger and apple tea. The man on the screen is selling the best piece of jewellery he has seen in his long career, the channel stuck on a telemarketing studio covered in salmon pink and blue.

I can see from the window the snow covering the streets of London like a blanket, people running cautiously, walking slowly, holding hands and exhaling hot clouds of air.

It is the first snow of the year. I saw it from a heart-shaped smudge in the misty windows of the bus home, walked through it with my eyes closed, deep inhales of the crisp night air. Opened my eyes and saw footprints on a carpet of crystallised water. Smiled. Went home. Kettle, blanket, remote control.

Have a lovely night.






19 thoughts on “First London Snow

  1. Absolutely wonderful! I know right, the first snow always feels like magic and fairytales. And I love your pictures as always! I’m so glad you blogged about it so quickly 😀

  2. I love your photographs. Especially the post box in the snow. I can’t tell you why that one out of all your work, but it is that one. Thanks for stopping by today and liking my post. What I am doing is relatively new to me and I am enjoying all the encouragement from friends and visitors! ~ Lynda

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