Lost in the Food Garden Cafe: Culinary Escape on the Top Floor of Selfridges

All I can see is yellow. In a rather grey London day, the only colour that stands from the crowds comes in square shapes, holds something probably expensive and definitely luxurious, and is the brightest shade of canary. Yes, the famous Selfridges bag forces me to remember number 231 in the Time Out 1000 things to do in London list: eat your way around Selfridges; and cursing the pains of investigative blogging, so I did!

Pushing the revolving doors, i escaped the seriously busy Oxford Street to enter an equally busy shopping heaven. Last time I was in Selfridges I covered the Museum of Everything exhibition (one your favourite magnificent posts), so I was eager to see if it would live up to my expectations for a second time. I hurriedly made my way through a crowded beauty hall, to the the escalators, thinking of the variety of options housed in the store.

Now if you are looking for a full-blown meal, you can try the lavish HIX restaurant (ground floor), or the contemporary French bistro Aubaine (2nd floor). You can get warm (and drunk) with one of the 20 cocktails from Gordons (1st floor), or by playing at the ‘wine juke box’ at The Wonder Bar. If you want to have your cake and eat it, then you have to try Dolly’s at the basement floor for a rather lovely (if a bit noisy) tea and cupcakes. I however decided to get something on-the-go, and where better than the Food Garden Cafe (4rth floor) to do that?

Greeted from a lovely hostess and with a tray in hand, I was absolutely spoiled for choice:
from the kebabs and curries of Tiffin Bites (Indian and Middle Eastern specialities), to the dim sum and stir fries of Ekachai (Thai and Chinese specialities); and from the signature American-style burgers at Frankies, to the classic British grub.
You can get your healthy treat at the Energy Kitchen (and for the little ones at the Annabel Karmel), and you unhealthy ones at the Crepes and Jacket Potatoes stall. You then compliment your meal with a hot or cold beverage, get the necessary cutlery and pay at the tills.

As there is nothing better than a hot soup on a cold day like today, I made mine a leak and potato one, and got a side of salted pretzels and a vitamin water (I was very proud of myself for being moderately healthy, new years resolutions still intact). I found a seat, and as I was about to dig in, I felt this amazing sense of calm. I know it sounds strange, but right in the middle of the busiest shopping street, on the top floor of the busiest shopping department store, you can feel like you are escaping the world for these few necessary moments of recharging.

After thoroughly enjoying my meal, I gave in to the temptation and went to my favourite floors.

So, if you are walking down Oxford Street and are in need of some good quality, fast served food, then Selfridges is your destination!







4 thoughts on “Lost in the Food Garden Cafe: Culinary Escape on the Top Floor of Selfridges

  1. Dear G:

    I know where London is, but after that, locations and locales get a bit fuzzy. I’ve heard of Selfridges but have no idea what it’s about except to say that, today, I wish I’d been there on the fourth floor with you!

    Really enjoyed the enthusiasm of the post. And I love food, so the descriptions of the variety available was enjoyable as well.


    southern California

  2. I really enjoyed this post – as I’ve never thought to go to Selfridges for food! I work not to far from Oxford Street so I think this is something I’ll have to do in the near future!

    And I do love those yellow bags 🙂

  3. Selfridges is now added to my own life “to-do” list. Thanks for sharing. It sounds fantastic for someone with a big appetite, but first of all, I’m going to need a ticket to London.

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