Under the trees of Cleaver Square

Cleaver Square is a paradox. Sandwiched between two busy streets, it provides a sense of eerie calm rarely seen outside of a Hitchcock movie. Shielded from the outside world with perfectly aligned houses and shaded by tall trees, the square is a regular host to boules games, providing the perfect soundtrack for a peaceful afternoon: the sound of the metal balls hitting the ground; the air rushing through the leaves; the sound of hurried footsteps on the gravel. Just sit on a bench, and observe.

Observe how it can become a social hub, hosting fantastic street parties (like the one for the royal wedding -last picture-); or celebrating the Cleaver Square Fete, a block celebration with live music, great food, and smiley neighbours.

Take a look at the art crowd in between classes from the nearby City and Guilds Art School, talking about life, death, art, and the daily drama that comes with being a tortured artist.

Sit still and see how it is adapting to the world all the time, with a carpet of leaves in the autumn, a snowy pavement in the winter, and a cool shade in the summer.

I am not saying that it is essential London viewing; however, if you are in the area, and you need some time alone, or a quick chat with a friend, or to just lose yourself in the presence of strangers, then I would strongly suggest that you pick a bench, take a deep breath, and open your eyes. You will see something very familiar, but altogether different.









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