The day 2012 started

Rain, rush hour, Central London. I was sitting on a rather high stool at Starbucks, sharing the world’s smallest table with a couple of strangers eating scones. They wished me a happy new year; I raised my egg nog latte, and wished them back. My lunch break was rather short today. New year, same Sunday shift.
I saw the fireworks on TV yesterday, and heard them through the window. I ate chocolate, drunk diet coke, and decided I was happy.
The first breakfast of the year was a chocolate croissant and a bitter latte from Pret. I started Hotel World by Ali Smith on the bus to work, and made it to page 8 before deciding it will be a brilliant book. I smiled and looked outside. It was raining. I did not have an umbrella. The view was breathtaking, why would I want anything to block it?
It is amazing how much hope a new year can bring. A fresh start. A promise that this will be the year that some things will change, while others will remain. The illusion that one can have control over these things.
I have not had time yet to grasp the changes in my life. I have been on a treadmill, somewhere between walking and running, with the progress only showing on the small screen instead of real distance.
I intend to sit down in the end of the week, and regroup. Rethink things. Plan the change. Until then, it’s the exhale after the inhale before.




10 thoughts on “The day 2012 started

  1. Well, 2012 started off in a lovely way, with lots of gin and prosecco, and then a rainy walk into Richmond, but I can’t say I’m really feeling the icy windscreens and hot cold hands this month….where are the songs of Spring, eh?


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