A magnificent November: the Month at a Glance

London is paved with brown leaves, Maria Carey reassures everyone that all she wants for Christmas is them, and a happy looking Santa is looking at home in all the shop windows across the high street.

Yes, we are officially in December, but before we go in a full Christmas mode, let’s have a look at the magnificent month that just passed:

We started by hopping on Edgar Martins’ time machine from the Wapping Project, and landing in a prison cell at the cell project from the Rideout group.

I showed you some of the tools of the trade, took a peak at the giant head in the edge of Southbank, and looked down from the heights of happiness.

We then walked on a thin red sole, looking at the magnificent Shoes for show exhibition, and stared at a house cut in half in the middle of London, as well as observe the suited tribe in the jungle of the city.

I also shared some personal events: from an unfortunate event that happened in the middle of Soho, to my 27th birthday celebration.

Finally, we wondered around one of my London crushes, Southbank, to see your ideas flying away, and crave for a summer that is not very far away… The month closed with a quote on friendship, and a question: would you still love me anyway?

The month was amazing in other platforms as well; I realised that resistance is futile, and got a twitter account; and I was absolutely touched from the IG crowd, reaching 6166 followers, 3540 likes, and 160 comments for November:

a huge thank you to everyone for that!

December looks very exciting as well, with a lot of features popping up:

From relaxing on a bench at Cleaver Square (02/12/2011), and giving inspirations for the new year’s resolutions (and do not tell me you do not make new year’s resolutions, because I will just not accept it), to giving up and giving in to the festive food consumption (Harrods, Selfridges, Hummus Bros, Brawn, Bodean, and National Gallery (!) will all be reviewed) and presenting the best art exhibitions in town (from Pippilotti and Tacita Dean, to Gasworks and Pop-up galleries).

So, good or bad, you will be getting plenty of your magnificent-sized blog bites for the rest of this month!

Lovely to have you all in my life,



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