Being Happy-Slapped in the middle of London: ‘you are better than this’

This blog is all about finding the magnificent in the everyday; celebrating the moment. Turning things around and finding moments that make you happy.

What happens when things that make you unhappy end up finding you?

I organised a completely different post for today. However, on my way to Costa (my café of choice for endless scribbling), I saw a group of youth coming towards me. When the first person passed, I felt a blow on my head – not painful, but surprising. The others broke in laughter, and were trying to see an expression on my face: anger, surprise, hate, fear, or whatever would satiate their expectations. I gave them nothing, and kept walking.

The phenomenon of ‘happy slapping’ is supposedly a dead fad, however I have saw two different events in the last year: today, being hit with an oversized pillow in the middle of Soho; 7 months ago, when someone screamed in a tube corridor, while his friends were filming the reactions of the unfortunate passers-by.

I am not going to comment about the people who actively scare or hurt others for their own entertainment (check the urban dictionary definition for a more humorous view on them). However, I will talk about the effect their behaviour might have to the unfortunate victim.

When you are already having a bad day, things like that can make it even worse. And I will not hide the fact that for a moment there, it made me feel really low. I was walking, and I could actually feel my eyes well up. A part of me wanted to turn back, and tell them how stupid they are -however this would not solve anything, and could get me hurt-; another part wanted to abandon the whole coffee and writing endeavour, and just go back home. Something mind-numbing will be on TV. I could just settle for that, get the day over, and wake up feeling better tomorrow.

And then I stopped; took a deep breath; and said to myself ‘you are better than that’.

I am sitting in Costa now, and I decided to treat myself to the magnificent mini muffins (if you have not tried them yet, run in your nearest Costa NOW and get them!) and a large Creme Brûlée latte. Sia’s ‘I Go to Sleep‘ is playing, and i am typing away on my iPad. I am writing because I know there are 6000 followers, and just in case this happens to them, they will know they are not alone. I fought the urge to keep everything cheery happy-go-lucky, and be truthful, as I promised on my earlier posts. And most importantly, because even now, after a difficult week, after an unfortunate incident, I know that there are still people and things in my life that can make the everyday a bit more… magnificent.




3 thoughts on “Being Happy-Slapped in the middle of London: ‘you are better than this’

  1. Yeah, the stupidity of some are truly astonishing at times. Good on you for not letting this incident upset you (too much) and carrying on with your intended plan. Think I might just have gone for the TV option if I were in your shoes…

    Great post, and all the best.

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